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Meet Our Crew

At Bluebird Tree Care, we run a small crew of experienced, local tree guys. We have the experience necessary to get the job done, but we don’t have the overhead of larger landscaping companies. We have the expertise to tackle your toughest tree jobs—even complex removals or specialty pruning—for the right price.

When you meet with us to discuss your needs, you’ll talk to Ben Larson, Bluebird’s owner. When our crew performs the work, Ben is onsite directing the job and, most often, working as a member of the crew. Ben’s involvement in all phases of the process ensures clear communication and eliminates the mistakes and go-backs that can end up costing time and money.

We want a long-term relationship with you and your trees, and we believe you’ll benefit from it. Talk with us about the benefits of regular pruning, seasonal and yearly maintenance plans, and the other benefits of having a regular tree care company.

Ben Larson, Owner

Ben founded Bluebird Tree Care in 2015 to provide qualified, personal tree care to neighbors and businesses in his home community of northern Idaho and eastern Washington. With over a decade of experience in the tree industry, Ben has the experience necessary to perform any job related to trees and tree care, from hazardous removals to fine pruning. Ben is passionate about helping his clients maintain and encourage the beauty and well-being of their trees. He is also committed to treating his customers with fairness and honesty. Ben has the following credentials, qualifications, and skills:
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology from George Fox University
  • Certified Arborist – Ben is a certified arborist through the International Society of Arboriculture, since 2003
  • Qualified Tree Risk Assessor – Ben is a qualified tree risk assessor, successfully completing the International Society of Arboriculture’s TRAQ Course (Tree Risk Assessment Qualification)
  • Instructor for Introduction to Tree Climbing at Spokane Community College
  • Plant identification, from perennials to large trees
  • Plant pathology, including diagnosis and identification of pests and diseases

Sean Price

Sean Price grew up in the Spokane area and has been working in trees since he was in high school. Sean has a keen interest in everything related to tree work. He is always checking out the latest gear and has done much to improve safe practices for a potentially hazardous occupation. Three years ago he was hired by an international gear supply company to test and review rigging and safety products, and he enjoys giving feedback in an effort to make tree work safer for arborists around the world. 

He enjoys spending time with his family and playing baseball with his son.  

Sean Price, a man wearing a helmet and safety glasses, is suspended in a tree, wearing a harness and rigging ropes.
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Ben Larson


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