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Bluebird Tree Care offers the complete range of care for your trees, starting with planting and ending with tree removals. But our area of specialty is the care your trees need regularly throughout their lives, including pruning at all stages, cabling and bracing, and tree care during emergencies.

Cabling & Bracing

Trees sometimes develop structural weaknesses due to prior injuries. These structural defects can be caused by improper pruning, storm damage, lightning strikes, or early improper training. In cabling and bracing, specialized hardware is used to support trees that have weaknesses. If your tree has cracks, decay, or poor branch attachments, we can install hardware to help it better withstand the hazards of our Northwest seasons.

Bluebird’s certified arborists are qualified to inspect your trees to determine whether they need support. We only use hardware approved and tested by ISA, and we adhere to their protocol for installation.

If you have support hardware installed, it should be inspected regularly for safety and performance. We can work with you to arrange no-hassle regular inspections for any tree hardware we install.

The stem of a pine tree has a cable place through the center, secured by a metal bolt.


Pruning is the process of directing a tree’s growth to help it reach its full potential in the space where it grows. The most effective pruning takes place throughout a tree’s lifespan, rather than in isolated instances that are aimed only at cutting growth back. Bluebird Tree Care’s crew has the knowledge and experience to provide effective pruning for your trees’ health and beauty over many years.

We offer many types of pruning:

  • Mature tree pruning is based on periodic inspections of your trees’ health and structural integrity, with cuts to remove dead branches and improve shape and stability.
  • Young trees require pruning too! Young nursery trees are shaped and grafted to create a certain appearance when they are sold—not for their future growth and health. Pruning when trees are young can help restore a tree’s natural shape and branch structure.
  • Fruit trees require the most labor intensive pruning, with many small cuts and careful shaping to ensure that fruit has space to grow and ripen, while branches are positioned to easily bear its weight.
  • Ornamental trees and shrubs are pruned to accentuate their beauty and unique characteristics and to make your landscape look its best. Ornamental pruning is where arboriculture meets artistry.
  • We can also perform all kinds of specialty pruning, including shaped hedges, creating and maintaining espaliers, topiary pruning, and other highly formal or unusual pruning.

It’s better to prune more frequently, with smaller cuts that direct branch structure and a tree’s shape over many years, than it is to remove large branches after a tree has been untended for a long time. Frequent pruning is safer and healthier for the tree, and easier on your bank account too!

Cutting a branch with loppers.

Tree Removals

Bluebird Tree Care is committed to the preservation of trees, and we never recommend unnecessary removals for profit. With proper care and maintenance, most trees can provide beauty and benefits in your landscape that outweigh their risks or costs. We want to help you find the right care and maintenance plan that will let you keep your trees happy and healthy for years to come. Unfortunately, removals are sometimes necessary. When trees lack structural integrity, or are harmed by cracks or decay, sometimes the risk of failure and subsequent damage to a landscape or home can’t be mitigated by pruning or cabling. In those cases, removal can be the best choice. Bluebird Tree Care specializes in low-impact tree removals. We use ropes, specialized equipment, and our technical expertise and experience to expertly lower branches, tree tops, and even trunk wood slowly and safely.  Because we have an experienced team of climbers and groundsmen on every job, we can perform even the most technical and tight-quarters removals, including removals that are complicated by nearby streets, buildings, or power lines.

A man with a chainsaw is making a cut at the base of a pine tree leaning over a house.


We love to help our clients develop their landscape with new plants, shrubs, and trees. Working with Bluebird Tree Care to add new plants to your landscape can have a variety of benefits.

  • Choose the right species. We can help you pick the plants and trees that will survive and thrive in the spaces you are planting. Your soil type, our Northwest climate, the amount of sunlight in a particular place, pests and diseases in our area, and space available for branches and roots relative to buildings, fences, and driveways—all of these factors can influence which tree or shrub species is the best fit for your space.
  • Select the best plant. Our arborists are experienced in evaluating the health of tree specimens, so we’re able to work with nurseries to find plants that have good root structure, quality grafts, and strong branch unions. All these factors mean that you end up with the healthiest tree possible.
  • Save money with local nurseries. Because of relationships with nurseries in the area, Bluebird Tree Care can purchase plants at savings over retail price—a savings that we can then pass along to you.
  • Help your new tree become established. Transplanting is a shock for plants, and they need special care and attention after they’ve been planted or moved. We’re able to give you post-planting advice to support your new plants and keep them healthy as they become established. This can include the right watering habits and much more.

Talk with us if you are thinking of adding new trees to your landscape. We can help!

A thin tree trunk and its root ball are sitting in a hole. A shovel is visible.

Emergency Services

Tree emergency? Call us immediately. A qualified arborist can assist in addressing emergent tree needs and helping your landscape recover from windstorms, winter and snow damage, or other extreme weather events. We offer emergency services for trees that are unstable or have been damaged by weather. We can quickly and expertly address storm damage, fallen limbs, and downed trees.

Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at 208-660-2383 for emergency service.

A large pine tree has fallen over in the yard of a house. Its roots are lifted high in the air.
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